I’m writing this letter today as the pandemic is starting to loosen its grip on the western world and we see signs of a new normal arising in business and for employees. The last year pushed many Configurans and our community to adapt and manage a distributed way of working – and at the same time, we went through the most foundational change we have made since the birth of this company. Thank you all for that hard work; you are superstars.

Even though 2021 was in some areas hard to manage, all Configurans and our customers all over the world did a fantastic job in moving us forward as we delivered new Extensions to the market and new functions for our users. We launched more than 35 new Extensions and our community of manufacturers continues to grow at a record pace.

Many of our long-term customers working within our legacy platform, Configura software, agreed to migrate to one of our three industry-based CET solutions. My biggest reflection here is that, so far, not a single long-term customer has chosen to leave our partnership. For me, and for all of us, that is evidence that we are exceeding expectations and creating strong value for our partners over time.

Additionally, in 2021 we recruited 47 people to grow in all our business areas and functions. We also completed our first acquisition, bringing our long-term partner, ProjectMatrix, to the family. A total of 20 fantastic, talented people came over to Configura to help expand the product portfolio which will serve a broad spectrum of users now and in the future.

During the year, our product portfolio evolved. We launched industry versions of CET to better serve each industry – commercial interiors, kitchen and bath and material handling – with target functionality and provided best practices on both how to build Extensions and design processes for each industry’s design flow.

Our CET user community has grown more than 12 percent over the last year. What started with a slight dip in users due to the COVID-19 pandemic – many within the CET Commercial Interiors user community – ended with a strong rebound as the number of users increased.

Even though there are uncertainties to what the future holds as the world navigates a global pandemic and other limiting factors, Configura decided to increase the investment pace in 2021 – including our offering, R&D capacity and industry related competence. We grew our operations in Germany and began organizing a new operation in Japan.

We closed 2021 according to plan and we will continue to invest in our people and products in 2022 with a goal of growing our revenues with double digit percentages.

Here’s to a great 2022!

Stefan Persson, CEO, Configura


Become the leading solution provider for communities who DESIGN SPACES


With our community and innovation, we create solutions that transform the way spaces are designed by improving efficiency, eliminating errors and reducing environmental waste.


Configura is the global leader in Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) software solutions. We serve customers in three core markets:

  • Commercial interiors
  • Kitchen and bath
  • Material handling

Our customers require solutions that simplify complex selling processes and enables an omnichannel experience. Configura delivers those solutions. Configura’s platform includes tools for the entire value chain from content creation to professional and end-consumer tools. With PGC, customers always work with real products that know how to behave in relation to each other.

PGC helps our customers to reduce their costs by:

  • Making it faster and easier to propose on a project – from weeks to days to hours
  • Allowing real-time feasibility checks of specified products
  • Reducing specification and order-entry errors to practically zero
  • Increasing sales team retention with easy-to-learn software that quickly gets users up-to-speed on a gamut of products

PGC helps our customers to increase their revenues by:

  • Improving efficiencies and cutting lead times, enabling engineering, design and sales staff to propose more and sell more
  • Improving customer service through an omnichannel experience, faster response, quality proposals and accurate ordering
  • Ensuring worldwide access to current product information
  • Delivering products to market faster

As a result, profit margins can increase by as much as five percentage points depending on the industry.

Configura uses a subscription licensing model, which ensures regular product upgrades, and guarantees access to the most recent technology and engages users in product development.

This business model provides Configura with continuous and stable revenue, fully supporting our financial goals of sustainable, profitable growth. We will continue to achieve these goals by investing in research and development, employing a focused growth strategy, delivering value to our customers and making significant contributions to the global software industry.

1. Lead as the originator and ongoing developer of PGC software
2. Deliver PGC solutions to three core global industries:
  • Commercial interiors
  • Kitchen and bath
  • Material handling
3. Build long-term relationships with customers through a software subscription licensing model
4. Share and expand on PGC solutions through an extensive partner network
5. Inspire our employees with creative, high-tech environments as well as continuing education and the opportunity to work internationally