Become the leading solution provider for communities who DESIGN SPACES


With our community and innovation, we create solutions that transform the way spaces are designed by improving efficiency, eliminating errors and reducing environmental waste.



Configura is the global leader in Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) software solutions. We serve customers in three core markets:

  • Commercial Furniture
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Material Handling

Our customers require solutions that simplify complex selling processes and enables an omnichannel experience. Configura delivers those solutions. Configura’s platform includes tools for the entire value chain from content creation to professional and end-consumer tools. With PGC, customers always work with real products that know how to behave in relation to each other.



Lead as the originator and ongoing developer of PGC software


Deliver PGC solutions to three core global industries:

  • Commercial Furniture
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Material Handling


Build long-term relationships with customers through a software subscription licensing model


Share and expand on PGC solutions through an extensive partner network


Inspire our employees with creative, high-tech environments as well as continuing education and the opportunity to work internationally

PGC helps our customers to reduce their costs by:

  • Making it faster and easier to propose on a project – from weeks to days to hours

  • Allowing real-time feasibility check of specified products

  • Reducing specification and order-entry errors to practically zero

  • Increasing sales team retention with easy-to-learn software that quickly gets users up-to-speed on a gamut of products

PGC helps our customers to increase their revenues by:

  • Improving efficiencies and cutting lead times, enabling engineering, design and sales staff to propose more and sell more
  • Improving customer service through omnichannel experience, faster response, quality proposals and accurate ordering
  • Ensuring worldwide access to current product information

  • Delivering products to market faster

As a result, profit margins can increase by as much as five percentage points depending on the industry.

Configura uses a subscription licensing model, which ensures regular product upgrades, guarantees access to the most recent technology and engages users in product development.

This business model provides Configura with continual and stable revenue, fully supporting our financial goals of sustainable, profitable growth. We will continue to achieve these goals by investing in research and development, employing a focused growth strategy, delivering value to our customers and making significant contributions to the global software industry.



While 2020 brought many changes, one thing that has stayed the same is our strong relationships with our customers and partners. Providing innovative software and state-of-the-art services to them has always been, and always will be, top priority at Configura. We see shared value in building a community rather than the traditional customer and supplier relationship. We learn from each other and tailor solutions to individual needs. When a customer chooses our solutions, it is not for a quick fix. It is a long-term journey that we cherish and work on to last for years. We are building a community of industry leaders and together we are taking technology to new heights.


Configura partners with talented companies around the globe that provide a variety of services that enhance our offerings and make it faster and easier to get on board with our solutions. At the start of 2021, we examined our ecosystem to further define the many roles that are included in building our community and simplified the terminology. At the foundation of the ecosystem is our platform, and building on top of it is a big Configura family consisting of manufacturers, partners and users.

Our Technology Partners and Utility Partners are experts within their given field and add valuable functionality to our platform that helps us scale at a faster pace. Our Development and Service Partners are vital for our future growth. With their expertise and knowledge, we can provide better services and focus on the core platform while growing businesses and communities that deliver value to thousands of people around the globe.

Our platform, combined with support from our partners, makes it possible for manufacturers to deliver high-quality content to new users who enter our ecosystem.

Looking ahead

We are no newcomers. We sit on a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience. As technology evolves, we see our customers choosing to continue this journey together with us. Companies in all shapes, ages and sizes are joining us on our journey and enjoying the benefits of the community that we have created.

Although 2021 will bring its own unique challenges with global communities trying to manage COVID-19 and people continuing to live and work under one roof, the Configura family remains stronger than ever. As we continue our growth, we look forward to welcoming many new companies to join our Configura ecosystem.