2020 was a pivotal year. With challenges come opportunities and I truly believe, through all of this, Configura has come out stronger. When I joined Configura as CEO in February, I was almost immediately thrown into leading a fast-growing company through a global pandemic. Despite many things working against us, Configura pushed through and we made some remarkable changes and improvements.

We grew by 20 percent in 2020 and expect a similar growth in the coming years. To accommodate this growth, we needed to reorganize the company from a geographical operating organization to a global functioning organization for two reasons. First, we needed a strong people organization to support all our Configurans through this growth. Second, we needed to align how we work globally to ensure the same experience for every customer no matter where in the world they choose to do business with Configura.

Our goal is to become the market-leading solution within the industries we serve. During the year, we completed a thorough market analysis to truly understand the pain points of these industries and how we can generate more value moving forward. We concluded that to achieve this, we needed to focus on what is most important and what offers the greatest potential. So, another change I made was concentrating all our resources on three primary industries moving forward: commercial interiors, kitchen and bath, and material handling.

This industry focus led us to repackage our offering and to attract more partners so we can provide more tools through the entire sales, design and order process. We want to provide a great user experience which is why we made the decision to split CET into three industry products. We want to deliver value by reducing time to market, minimizing investments in joining our platform and aligning how products are behaving by defining industry standards.

We also continued to invest in our community and are happy to see more customers and partners joining us on our journey. Thanks to our partner community, we published 32 new Extensions in 2020. We also hosted our first-ever virtual CET Experience which attracted more than 1,000 users, manufacturers and partners in our ecosystem.

In 2021, we are looking at how to manage content in the future – publishing the same data to multiple channels, importing and exporting data and how to do this in a cloud-based manner. We are working for faster, smarter and easier content creation. We are continually improving our user experience and providing solutions that seamlessly support the flow of information from content creation to publishing to omnichannel consumption.

As we continue our global expansion, we are excited to announce that we will increase our efforts in Japan by opening a full-service office in 2021. It has always been Configura’s strategy to stay close to our customers to give them the best support possible when adopting our platform and we are looking forward to providing the same service for the growing Japanese market.

The past year was challenging for everyone and we are thankful for our incredible CET community for being part of this journey in 2020. Because of our customers, users, partners and dedicated Configurans, we came out stronger in the end. We look forward to a fantastic year and many more opportunities ahead.

Linköping, June 2021

Stefan Persson, CEO, Configura