TURTLE CONSERVATION For more than five years, Configura has supported turtle conservation efforts in Indonesia. Configura contributed $20,000 in 2020 to Ecosystem Impact, an Indonesian NGO, which supports rangers who patrol the main beaches on Bangkaru Island in the Indonesian province of Aceh. Part of the funds also are used for protection of rare birds.

Bangkaru Island is one of the largest turtle breeding locations in Indonesia. Ecosystem Impact – implemented in 1994 – is committed to preventing turtle egg poaching and destruction of nests, and to clearing the beaches of plastics and other waste hazardous to the turtles.

Rangers are normally supported by a volunteer program managed by the Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort, but was not possible to implement during 2020 because of the coronavirus and travel restrictions.

The program annually saves about 200,000 eggs of endangered turtles and, because of the program, has nearly eliminated the poaching of eggs. In the future, the program will focus on decreasing natural dangers to the eggs, such as sand movements and lizards eating the eggs.

Learn more at www.ecosystemimpact.com/about-us


SIMEULUE OFFICE Last year, Configura started a Configura Simeulue office in Indonesia. The program was planned to accelerate during 2020, but was paused because the coronavirus prevented travel. Our Configuran Raizi Adza Abdull Razak who leads the Simeulue team could not travel to teach local staff and staff recruitment was reduced as training could only happen online.

The goal of the Simeulue office is to provide alternative income to the poaching of turtle eggs and to invest in those who share our mission of preserving the environment. Different from our other Configura office locations, we selected Simeulue because we have been funding conservation efforts in this region, and the Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort has infrastructure in place to open an office. MahiMahi resort is owned by one of Configura’s shareholders.

We currently have five Simeulue Configurans, with plans to grow the office to seven or more employees in the coming year and potentially more than 20 in the future. Our Simeulue team will focus on quality assurance. They also will work to inform the local community about nature conservation.

As Configura continues to grow, we are thankful for opportunities to protect the environment while expanding our global team. We look forward to helping people stay on the island by creating local jobs and continuing our efforts to inform the community about nature conservation.