As one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture and suppliers of stationery supplies in Japan, KOKUYO needed a tool to simplify its sales and estimation process. After researching solutions, KOKUYO discovered CET and partnered with Configura in 2017 to develop an Extension for CET called “GRIP.”


With the growing demand for fast quotations of racking products, NEDCON needed a tool that would allow their resellers, also known as distributors, to configure to order quickly. They needed a tool fast because some of NEDCON’s resellers were considering leaving its network for other competitors that offered a configuration tool.



Kimball International, an omnichannel commercial furnishings company, knows the power of a community coming together. With hundreds of companies adding products to the CET platform each day, Kimball International joined the CET community to make it easier for people to sell products for their brands.